Tuesday, 30 July 2013

No clergy to be prosecuted after three-year probe

NOT a single Catholic bishop or priest will be prosecuted for covering up the scandal of clerical sex abuse over several decades at the end of a three-year Garda investigation.
The enormous and time-consuming investigation involved a team of 12 to 14 detectives who interviewed more than 800 witnesses over three years.
The probe was launched in 2009 after the Murphy report on clerical abuse in the Dublin archdiocese revealed how the Catholic priests and bishops colluded with state authorities and gardai to shield paedophile priests.
Detectives were unable to build a case against surviving clergy for secretly moving paedophiles from parish to parish during the Eighties and Nineties because covering up for child abusers was not a specific offence at the time.


  1. Well it is a specific offence NOW!! You can be charged and prosecuted for any tipe of crime committed 10,20,30 etc. years ago giving that there is enough evidence!! Clerical sex abuse shouldn't be any different and I belive that there is more than enough evidence against them and it is up to each and every one of us religious or nonreligious
    to act against any tipe of crime regardless of who is committing it.

    1. Zoltan —

      That's "called" ex post facto" prosecution, and if it's legal under the Irish Constitution, it shouldn't be. If you did something when it was legal, you shouldn't be prosecuted for it. Imagine, for example, that they made a certain drug illegal today that had been legal with a prescription up until now. Should they be able to prosecute you and your doctor who prescribed it for you 10 years ago?

      That said, even if there wasn't a specific law that banned covering for child molesters at the time, legal experts ought to be able to find another law that applies and that *was* on the books at the time. I think that they are just making lame excuses to succumb to pressure from the RCC.