Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Measles Outbreak Traces To Vaccine-Refusing Megachurch

A measles outbreak in Texas traces to a congregation of a megachurch whose leader, Kenneth Copeland, reportedly has warned followers away from vaccines, advocating for faith healing and pushing the debunked notion that vaccines cause autism. One of Copeland’s churches, Eagle Mountain International Church in North Texas, is the epicenter of the outbreak, which now has hit at least 20 people.

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  1. Actually Wakefield's gut bacteria hypothesis linking the gut bacteria to neural disorders is far more scientifically consistent than vaccine safety research. It was not debunked, it was refused to be considered.

    the seriousness of the risks associated with the vaccine,
    the seriousness of potential disease complications,
    probability of them occurring,
    probability of contracting the disease
    and probability that the vaccine will prevent the infection,
    MMR vaccine loses. hands down.

    Separate measles vaccine is a different cattle of fish.